It shouldn’t surprise you that if your Ottawa roof has begun to deteriorate. After many years of service, it’s quite common for your roof to begin to decline. The only difference between homeowners who experience this is the frequency and severity of their roof’s deterioration. It all comes down to the climate conditions in the area where the homeowner lives. If a homeowner lives in extreme heat, sunshine, rain, snowstorm, their roofs will deteriorate quicker than those who live in milder climates.

All roofing structures will experience some degree of deterioration regardless of how frequent or intense they are. If you aren’t into roof construction and maintenance, it might take you quite a while to note the undesirable changes your roof might be going through, and by the time you do, it might be well damaged beyond basic maintenance. This neglect could pose a risk to your finances, health, and safety. This could be the reason you have to spend so much on your roof repair. You can prevent this from happening again by improving your skills. You can make sure that you have a roof inspection done every year by either yourself or an expert contractor. You should choose the latter and have a set guideline to follow. These guidelines should include the most significant changes that you will notice when your roof begins to decline. You can get help from us by identifying the signs that your roof is in decline. This will help you to act quickly and prevent more damage.

Signs that you should not ignore

These are the top signs that your roof is slowly deteriorating or becoming ineffective.

  • These are Curled-Up Shingles:
    Ever notice how leaves react to withering? The leaf usually shrinks and folds upwards. The same phenomenon occurs with shingles. Your asphalt shingles will begin to curl upwards as time passes. This causes your roofing structure to lift up. This is caused by extreme dryness and thin roofing shingles.
  • Decaying Shingle:
    Asphalt shingles, unlike metal roofs or other durable roofing materials are more susceptible to decay than metal roofs. Because of their natural nature, asphalt shingles will eventually fall apart, making them ineffective and weak for long-term use. It is easy to spot decaying shingles. It is a good idea to be on the lookout in all areas for worn or discolored shingles. To prevent potential leaks or fallout, it is important to immediately replace any worn-out patches once they are spotted.
  • Blistering Shingles:
    The shingles will appear to have blisters, just like the name implies. This would be caused by heat expansion and moisture under the shingles. This is common in homes located in areas of high humidity and heat. As with other signs, it is important to remove blistered shingles immediately and replace them by more heat-resistant ones.
  • Rotting Shingles:
    This process of deterioration can be compared to decay. It is faster than decay and there are always bio-agents involved. Rotted shingles are more susceptible to microbial attack and lack the resistance quality necessary to stop their activity. A roofing structure can easily be identified by rotted shingles. It is best to remove all roofing shingles and to replace them with microbe-resistant shingles.
  • Flashing of the Impaired:
    Flashing roofs is essential in keeping your roofing structure waterproof. Your roof can be damaged or ripped off if this roofing section is not maintained properly. First, moisture can easily access the roof. This could lead to mold growth or leaks. Broken flashing may be the only reason for blistered roofs. This is because moisture from below could not have any other access points inside the roof. You should call an expert contractor to inspect the flashing and ensure that there are no gaps. This will prevent your roof from becoming completely deteriorated.

Regular roof maintenance is the best way to prevent roof damage. It is possible to save so much money by only spending a small amount on roof maintenance. Get acquainted with how you can save money through roofing maintenance by reading our blog.


We are going to list the most common causes of roof damage below, despite only looking at a few possible factors.

  • Too Many Ultraviolet Rays:
    While the sun is a great asset, it can also pose a problem for homeowners. Intense heat can cause shingles curling if there is too much sunlight. Sun exposure can also make the shingles dry and wrinkled.
  • Heavy Winds:
    Windy regions can cause your shingles to deteriorate faster than normal. The fasteners could become weaker, and the shingles may even fall apart. Although it might not occur immediately, it could lose its credibility over time if high winds continue to blow.
  • Low Ventilation:
    Your roof could be severely damaged if your attic does not have the proper ventilation to remove heat from the roof. This is especially true if the attic has a lot of moisture or is extremely humid. Roof blistering can often result from this.

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