Most people decide to replace their roof during the warmer seasons of spring or summer. While these are still popular times for making this big decision, as a homeowner it’s worth considering getting a new roof in the Spring or Summer if you can wait until then. Winter brings freezing temperatures, but snowstorms are more likely to cause significant delays with outdoor home improvement projects like that of a new roofing in Ottawa.

Great temperatures to deal with

If you’re planning to replace your roof and are still trying to decide when to do it, you should consider a few factors first. You don’t want to wait until the spring/summer because that’s when all your neighbors will be doing their roof. You also don’t want to go too late on the other hand either because ice or snow accumulation will damage the materials until they are fully installed. Now if you can plan ahead, you’ll have plenty of time and will only have a relatively easy job to do since it’s unlikely there would be any major storms during the offseason which usually begins in November. The reason is that winter weather tends to feature freezing temperatures as well as snowstorms so asphalt shingles tend shrink more than usual and home builders who install roofs during this time purchase less material because of quicker deterioration than usual.

Great weather means your roofing contractors team is more comfortable spending more time and making sure everything is done perfectly in detail and nothing is done in rush due to the harsh weather they have to do their job in.

You Get to Hire Better Contractors

Now is the best time to schedule a roof repair or replacement project as most contractors have available slots. If you leave it until late summer, you may end up waiting a month or more to get a guaranteed appointment day with a reliable roofing contractor. If you book experienced and reliable roofing and siding company in Ottawa like Parliament Roofing & Contracting, there are more chances you get the dates you want, when the busy season comes you stuck with the inexperience roofing contractors who can charge more and give availability on their own terms.

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Save on Bills with better energy efficiency

Spring can be a challenging time of the year. The weather is getting hotter, and you feel that you may have to rely more on your air conditioner. If this is the case, don’t worry; getting a new roof may just save your bills in the summer! A new roof’s thermal resistance can significantly reduce your dependence on the air conditioner, saving you both money on power bills and reducing peak electricity demand during the hottest months of the year. You’ll also benefit from improved attic ventilation and lower risk for moisture issues.

Spring roof replacement is an excellent way to prepare your home for the summer heat. Your new roof can help reduce your reliance on your air conditioner, saving you money on energy in the summer.

More Funds

When spring arrives, many Canadians begin to think about tax refunds which they can utilize to do home improvements such as replacing roofs. These are all great ways to increase the overall protection, beauty and energy efficiency of a home.