Roofing is one of the many thing’s homeowners must worry about and take care of as they make their way through life. Parliament Contracting Inc. makes it easier to keep your home’s roof in tip-top shape by providing a variety of service options from repairs and replacements to maintenance tasks depending on your situation, so you can be sure the job gets done right the first time around.

Professional roofing is essential if you want to have a roof that will last without costing you too much. New home constructions come with a five-year warranty for the “building envelope”, which includes your roof and walls. Many homeowners may be tempted to cut corners by doing their own roof repair and maintenance, but in the end there really isn’t all that much difference for them between buying some materials and simply removing their shingles or fixing broken ones on their own compared to the cost of hiring genuine professionals to do the work for them. But there IS a significant difference should something go wrong with one’s professional-installed roofs since such issues are easy to spot, so even if they are smaller in scale than major repairs, they’re still covered by warranty during this time as long as it was done professionally.


When it comes time to contact a certified roofing company in Ottawa, you’ll find that Parliament Roofing is one of the best. If a homeowner ever has reason to believe that their warranty will be voided, it means that an incorrectly installed roof could jeopardize the quality of their materials – even for innocent reasons, such as punching a hole for installing some form of HVAC unit or antenna. Choosing to hire a professional roof contractor instead of dabbling in tricky home repair projects on your own (how well do you honestly know the proper way to install shingles?) means keeping things covered under warranty and can end up saving you money overall through protecting your investment!


As a homeowner or DIY-er, you may think installing a roof is an easy task. However, having an experienced team of professionals from Parliament Roofing install or repair your Ottawa roof ensures that the job is done right the first time. We set the highest standards by using the best products and installation practices to ensure the highest level of quality attainable. Hiring a team of experts means that you can rest assured your roof has been installed right the first time. Also, we try to repair it when we can, but sometimes a full replacement is necessary. If you’re wondering how to determine if your roof needs to be replaced, check out our post on Roofing Replacement 101 for steps on what to look for and what should be addressed once you’ve determined whether it’s time for a full replacement!


Having a roof installed is equivalent to redesigning your home – sure it sounds complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. One of our expert teams can save you time by carefully completing the installation quickly because an improperly installed roof could end up being more expensive and cause damage. Think about the things you need in accordance with the layout of your rooms, what you’re hoping to accomplish, and what fits best aesthetically and from there find one of our many vendors who offer design consultations to help you complete your project successfully without complications or voiding warranties.

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